Wednesday, November 18, 2009

BarNiteBingo approved!

BNB got approved by Apple tonight, so it should release in the App Store this Friday, Nov 20th. We also submitted ShotTacToe for approval last night, with a hopeful release date of Dec 3rd.

We're excited to get BNB out on the App Store and see how well it does. We've had about 90 sales on Android in about a month, with 60 cancels. Not numbers we're really excited about, but at least there's been some interest. We're hopeful that the numbers we've read between the two (Android vs App Store) hold true for our app, and we can get a much larger amount of traffic on the App Store.

Of course there is always the possibility of falling into obscurity in the App Store since there are SO MANY APPS, so we've got to get the marketing machine up and rolling to generate some buzz about BarNiteBingo!

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